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The decision to quit your 9 to 5 is a big step in anyone’s life, and it’s one that many people are hesitant to take due to their overwhelming financial responsibilities. It’s easy to get trapped in the cycle of working your days away and living paycheck to paycheck, but if you are serious about changing your future it’s time to try something different. This program is for aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to live life on their own terms, and I am eager to show you how easy it is to get started.

Financial… potential to earn 6 figures, and more!

My name is Jerry Brown, and I can show you how you can create the income you’ll need to reach your life goals – all through part-time work that you can do from home! It is hard to break away from the idea that the way to become financially secure is to show up at our job every day and to work hard. The truth is this is only going to make your boss rich, leaving very little leftover for your needs. Charge is possible, but first you’ll need to take the initiative to reach out to me to learn how.

Time…. Work with a schedule that works for you!

If you are ready to get ahead, it’s time to begin investing in yourself. Use your talents and your hard work to build your own internet business.

Location… Ability to work from home, or on vacation.

Soon you can have the time, freedom, and income you’ve been dreaming of for far too long, finally putting you in charge of your own destiny. This turnkey business opportunity couldn’t be easier to learn. You can transform your knack for building relationships into a very lucrative career. Contact me now or click on the link below.


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Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough

The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough featuring enthusiasts and experts Susan and Chris Beesley. This Done For You direct sales system that will deposit big checks into your bank account WITHOUT you ever having to pick up the phone.

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My Story


I found myself recently going back and forth…  “Should I retire or should I keep working”?

If I retire from education after 33 years, I’ll be able to spend some more quality time with my son before he graduates from high school in two years.  But, if I do, my finances may not be where I need them to be in the years to follow, the Golden Years!

My son had won out… which I’ll never regret!



Yet, now I do fret about my future after he graduates this May.  I live in a small, older house in a medium sized town.  I did NOT envision myself living here during my retirement years.



What I did see myself doing was living in the country, in a log home, able to go out and fish and hunt whenever I felt the desire. So, looking into that possibility, I found 7.5 acres in the country with plentiful outdoor activity!

My banker said my present financial situation (because of retirement) would require me to get a part time job, in order to make the purchase of the land possible.  So, I went out and found a $12 / hr. job, driving elderly to their doctor appointments and Walmart.

Sweet little gig, but now I find myself being tied down to my part time job, unable to do the things I thought retirement would allow me to do.  Maybe I should have kept my full-time job!

My anxiety level is going up again!



Now, I am in a dilemma…  how can I reach my retirement goals after I have already retired?

It has recently occurred to me that I am in need of finding a “job” during retirement that will allow me the freedom to do whatever, whenever, and wherever I desire.

I needed a job, but one that would not tie me down.  I am so excited about what my new venture will allow me to do!



If you would like to learn more on how I have found freedom during my retirement years CLICK HERE.

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